Driving School

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Tips on passing your driving test.

In order for you to pass driving test you need to pass reverse parking, parallel parking , 3 point turns ,balancing at Hill and passing road test if you want to obtain code B driving license. Well for code C1 or bigger you just need to pass reverse parking and hill then the road test will follow.

My Story

On my first attempt I passed everything on yard test. On the road a failed at Hill simple because I used clutch and brake instead of handbrake. Failing to exercise precautional measure of ensuring safety of the vehicle behind I case I failed to balance clutch and brake. well that was my first try and I failed successful but I learned something from my mistake, on my second attempts I passed everything with flying points but on the road my nightmare knocked me down for second time. Well this time around was not at the hill in contrary I failed to took off indicate on time. failing two times was not a big deal, I have a hope that was high as a flame of fire, it did not happen in the first try, second ,third or fourth , in fact it took me six tries but i finally got it and i am here to say you can do it too with wiseman driving school